To everyone thats complaining about not being able to see ur ping before game

open a txt file write ping [Take the server Ip from your region you can see below] [SPACEBAR] -t save as name it : lolping.bat or lolping.cmd or anything just make sure to end with either .bat or .cmd save it on your desktop Congrats you can now start it and will see your ping Edit: this nice [Guy]( told me the actual IP's for the gameservers and their router's, so here's a list for even better results. ( To clarify it yu need to replace the www.riot.blabla with the IP u wanna ping) NA: EUW: EUNE: OCE: Another Edit: If ur window just closes right away that's most likely because in your country the www.riot.yourCountryDomain does not exist you can easily fix this by using the Gameserver IP instead
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