I'm new to LoL

(I don't know if I'm supposed to put this somewhere else) So, I'm fairly new to league of legends and I have some friends that play it too, they're level 30s. I find that I cannot win pvp matches legitly (as in without friends helping) or if I do, it's because I'm being carried by them. I feel that I can't change the way I play league and I'm scared that I'll stay like this forever with no bounds to improve. Kha'Zix was the first champion I tried playing and it didn't work out very well. Annie didn't really suit my playstyle and then I was suggested to play Teemo. I was told how unliked Teemo is and I'm worried that because of my trash skill level, I'll end up maining Teemo forever and I'll have no other champion that I can switch to incase I ever do get good (however little chance that may be). I see myself as okay at Ashe but that's from a player that hasn't even been a month into League and I don't think that's long enough for me to have much of a good opinion about myself and my skill. I don't want to end up bringing down my friends but I don't want to stay stuck at my crap level where I can't even play a lane without being multi-v-1'd or being dropped 90% of my hp because I kept dying and ended up feeding my enemy laner Is there anything much I can do about this?
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