normals matchmaking isn't balanced

wtf rito, This happens to me way too often. I know it's only normals but this isn't remotely fair. We play normals to have relaxed fun but getting shitstomped by a team whose individual mmr's are way higher than mine isn't all. It's infuriating. Level 25 (smurf or not doesn't matter still 25) + 2 Gold 5's + a silver 2 + silver 3. The 2 silvers are premade (myself and a friend). This is my team. Their team: 2 Gold 4's + an unranked (don't know if smurf, probably smurf) + a Plat 5 + a Diamond 5. WTF IS THAT MATCHMAKING. there's little no way our teams' mmr matched theirs', its fucking impossible. the diamond 5's mmr is 2000, mine is 1300....... We had no fucking chance from the get go. This keeps happening and I dont know why, it makes no sense and it ruins the fun of league of legends. Now if i want to have a (somewhat) fair game I have to play ranked, but playing ranked isn't exactly fun, yes its more rewarding but it can be very stressful. I just want to have fun with friends but playing against plats and diamonds is making me want to uninstall and boycott this fucking game. meh
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