14 day ban for winning game with troll in team

I was playing top lane and carried game really hard. When we win, I've had 75k dmg and other players 15-20k. Doesn't matter after all I have Shaco support in my team. He was flaming me from start, ping on every my death, and write in chat "look how my top feed haha" etc. After all, he started following me and stealing my farm. Wave, another wave, jungle buff, jungle camp, another jungle. I told him to stop stealing farm because I need gold to buy items, and he is support after all. He was just trolling and having fun. I told him he will get banned for this, I got reply smth like 'no lol you will get banned cos you flame and I only troll'. I counted ~40-50 creeps. 50 creeps in insane. I could get my items 5-10 min earlier and finish game, if my support just dont lasthit my creeps and jungle. Like every normal game, where sup actually support instead of game ruin. Guess what? After game I get 14 days ban. For one game. Only logs for one game. Some of my friends get 14 days ban, but there were logs for 3 games. I got banned for one game. One game where my support was triying his best to tilt me and lose game. I still win this game, trying very hard to win game for troll. I get banned for winning this game. If I just gave up and let this troll lose game (beacuse he was doing everything to tilt team and lose) I would just start next game. Not anymore. I think its just not fair - someone ruined game intentionally, and I get ban for winning this. If this shaco troll wont get banned - I dont know what to say. Well, ruining games is okay, but telling people about ban for ruin is not okay. GG WP. Have a nice day
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