Lag spikes (patch 7.16)

Hello everybody, I have experienced some Lag spikes in game since patch 7.16. My ping goes from ~40 ms to ~300 ms for 1 or 2 seconds at least 6 times each game at random moments. I have been on the internet to find for solutions and i have done my best to fix this problem but i still get lag spikes. The problem seems to be caused by packet loss. Here is what i have done to try and fix the problem (none of them worked): -I plugged my pc into the router with my ethernet cable. -I unplugged my router for 30 seconds then plugged it back in. -I restarted my pc a lot of times -I turned off the firewall then turned it back on and i allowed league of legends to go through it. -I made sure nothing was downloading and made sure my brother didn't install anything (My brother plays league as well and doesn't have any lag spikes) -I did a full repair on the League of Legends client. I have done as much as I could but nothing worked. So i thought to myself that since I have had them since patch 7.16 that it has something to do with the patch. So maybe that it wont happen anymore in the next patch. But i don't want to wait another week or so for the new patch to come around. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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