Riot banning system needs to be reworked

banning trolls now, doesn't reform them, simply makes them more angry so they buy a couple of other account ( if they didn't already have ones) and take their vendetta on Riot games's code usually they are able to reach their previous rank in a couple of days to continue being toxic on their main or just make an account to purely ruin people's games by running it down, permanent banning someone doesn't help me as a player the player will continue this behavior and will be in my elo again in a couple of days to do it again as we saw with the streamer TF blade some of those trolls can even not be banned if they just didn't type in chat but you can get banned if you chatted with them which even proves more of an issue, i would like to be compensated in some sort if the player really ruined my game and was a major factor to the lose instead of getting the report feed back to him being banned maybe 5 lp back after the investigation is over or a key or a skin shard that would be nice this is more profitable to me and relevant than him getting banned ,this whole thing of revenge on trolls isn't useful to us or to the overall game.
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