I asked support about those 10daily rewards and got a reply just now

_Deathglow (Riot Games Player Support)_ _Oct 16, 7:45 AM PDT_ _Hey again._ _I have updates!_ _"All players have a month to complete the missions._ _The missions will drop daily at 1:00 PM PDT starting on October 17th. A mission will drop each day, so if you finish the first mission, you'll need to wait a whole day (!) for the second one! Don't worry if you don't complete Mission 1 on Day 1. They'll be waiting for you until all the missions will end on November 19th at 11:00 AM PDT."_ _Should be plenty of time even for folks doing a 3 weeks retreat! 🔥_ _Best regards!_ _See you soon..._ _Deathglow - Player Support Specialist - "Are you my nightmare, or am I yours?"_ Can a mod pin this post? Ty
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