Fps drops - can't get more then 60fps

So, some months ago (1 or 2) I always had more then 100 fps, never ever I got drops, now for some reason all I get is 60 max 70, can't get more, and some times It drops for 40/30. Lately I had to format my PC and it still has this issue. Also on the client when choosing a champ it shutters a lot, loosing sound, freezes. my gpu is nvidia 820m Also the fps trouble happens aswell to my friend. Sometimes before getting to the loading screen (before the match) I get a pink screen for like 0.1 seconds. Can anyone help me pls? Another thing, sometimes I go from 60ms to 150ms so fast that I loose conection for 0.1 second and then I come back to 60ms, happens a lot, only after I formated the PC, so it's probably my problem or my ISP
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