The Client is killing my PC

Hello - I'm having issues with the League of Legends client, not the game itself, just the client where you queue up and start up the game. This wasn't an issue in the beginning, but it has become such a problematic experience, that I need to know, if there's any kind of investigation going on at all, because I am not the only one who is having issues. The League client is crippling my computer, when it starts up, when choosing tabs, such as profile, the shop, the hextech boxes etcetera, the client takes ages to respond, and it is effecting my entire computer, it causes youtube videos to halt and break, forcing me to reload the page to make it work again, and this happens more or less anytime I do _**anything**_ in the client. Champion select is not better either. It registers my clicks, but it takes several seconds before the game acts upon it, choosing runes can be a scary race against time. What usually took me 5 seconds, can take up to 20+ seconds now, because I am never sure if the client actually responds. I have personally tried every option to fix this. Reinstall, troubleshoot, low spec mode, administrator, compatibility mode etcetera. Is there any knowledge on this matter? Does anyone else have these issues? Is this being worked on? Please give me some kind of reassuring, cause it is really, really annoying.
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