My account got permanently suspended for no reason!!!!!!

So it happened today, this morning i was playing ranked matches, i got Plat1 (Ex Diamond 4) then i felt tired, i slept, when i woke up & tried to login, i got "**Your Account has been permanently suspended, Please check E-mail...**" i was suprised!!!!!! i mean what is happening, i never hacked, never flamed, never used third party programs, when i checked the E-mail i've found --- "**Actions that have been performed on your account are in violation of the League of Legends Terms of Use** " ---- im mature and i know how league of legends works! i've contacted the @riotsupport, and provided them with all my account infos "since creation date 2013", i didn't do anything wrong on my account!!! im confused & depressed at the same time, this is my only account that i play on and i would never break any Riot rules ..ever..i think i will wait till they E-mail me!
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