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Hello all, To by honest i don't really know how to type it all. So keep that in consideration. I have played League of Legends for about 4 years now, started in 2011 and played everyday about 4 matches. In 2016 i quit playing, for reasons like changes in games, and was getting little boring for me those time. After 2 years, my 2 friends still play it and i was curios about the changes, and wanted to try it again. But when i tried to download it, i was looking at my history of games, and found out my account was used in 2017 for about 20 game's or so, a few normal but most ranked games. So i suppose i got hacked in that year and somebody used my account for his fun, but then when the download was done. I tried to log in, but log in screen said i was permanently banned. So person who hacked me was a really toxic person, or did something what was wrong in different things got himself banned. But i never have seen mails gone around about my account being abusive in chat in E-mails or even being banned. So i made a ticket request for asking what the reason is, and if there is a possibility my account can get unbanned. Would be sad, if i need to start over all those hours i took in that game, and money i put in it. But maybe it's my fault for getting hacked in the first place. I hope people can answer if they think, it's a good reason for me to get my account back or not. Or what i could have done, when i stopped playing league for such a long time. Thank you all for reading. Hopefully people understand what i was typing.
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