Match making is busted man...

Since boards hasn't updated my level, I'm posting it here. Also it wont be in the wrong section, because I'll ask for help as well. Basically I had great past 8 games. Both teams had co-operative and friendly players that wanted to win the game. I played jungle in almost every of those games and put a lot of pressure on enemy laners, which ended with my laners winning (usually) and we winning the game. BUT it wasn't like enemies were giving up or simply trolling, they actually tried to win and played smart. Recently though, I lost two games in row, both because at least two players in my team were toxic towards others, feeding enemies, trolling after they lost their lane or were simply AFK most of the time. These games were most unfair BS there has been. The first game I played Shaco support and got FB off enemy jungler, kept giving him a hard time, won bottom lane etc. Game was lost in a stomp because top lane was 2-8 (lost a 1v1 and then kept going for more). Mid lane was Orianna witlessly feeding Morgana (yes someone managed to feed Morgana). Side note: I was in queue for 32 minutes for this game. The second game, I went jungle. I got FB + double kill at bottom lane (level 3 cheese gank). But they still somehow managed to lose the lane (ADC was ahead in CS but kill and tower wise they lost hard). Top lane was Poppy vs Nasus. She killed her early (maybe she got FB, don't remember exactly). Then she kept crying for "no ganks" after I was already 1-0-1 and had to recall for items and health. Poppy then just died few times to Nasus (she was constantly pushing) and then started flaming, trolling. Meanwhile mid laner (Malzahar) was constantly AFK. He would play few minutes then go AFK again (or when he died). Guy basically lost lane to Singed. So what the hell is going on Riot? Can you stop your match making from assembling teams like this? It's not fun, when you're fed, trying to win and your teammates are making the game impossibly hard.
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