Matchmaking in Ranked Flex games

I sent this email (ticket) to riot, is this normal, have anyone experienced this aswell? "For the names below i used ranked flex = RF and for solo duo = RS If they have both RF/RS, it means they have the same rank in both matchmakings, if only one appears it means it is his/her better rank I ve encountered this problem a few times, i played a ranked flex game, with noone else in my party, my team was: Aryin(me, silver2 RF), BamBamUdead (silver3 RF/RS), skengina4doort(silver1 RF/RS), Sexymammal (Bronze1 RS) and maxvital (Gold4 RS) Their team was: hirokaze69 (Platinum4 RS), MessiOverRonaldo (Gold4 RF), Mighy and Great (Diamond4 RS), YBmeister (Platinum4 RS) and K9 WIttY (Gold4 RS). As you can see their ranks are well above my teams and my own rank. I would like to know how is this even possible? How does the match making takes place? Is it because it is flex and therefore ranked soloduo is not taking into account? (the enemy team was around silver rank in Ranked Flex) But if ranked solo duo is not, or is taken little into account it is highly unfair to players like me, since a player that is diamond in solo duo but silver in ranked flex is still a diamond player, and therefore much more proficient at the game than me. And i am only writting this because it is not the first time this has happened, and i think it is higly unfair for this things to happen. Thanks for reading this"

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