Bad Service, Bad Community and Illegal Activities

You will see that I didn't play much but here is the reason that pretty much annoys any player. I am steam player and you could probably call me however you wish but I am used on A+ services and game servers, which is probably the reason why LoL can't get to the Steam. 1. I got to know Riot by one of the worst service provider - game lags, freezes and trolls it's own palyers with catastrophic playability, which is probably the reason why people and kids rage, ofcourse I am sure there is more. 2. Last statistic from 2013 shows 81% of nazistic and facistic player mentality, Riot says they managed it to reduce to 2% in a few months, but all what they did was shutting down the tribunal and removing penalty system, so you didn't lower it, you just hide it, because I gues as I found out Riot got a lot of accusations based on their approach to players mentality. 3. I noticed that game is oriented trhough punishments. For example, game punish you if you drop out of "game search" and it even lay threats to you that you will be punished if you drop one more "game search". As I see, all new "rules" and new "punishments" actually raises the level of rage while in the same time they shut down Tribunal because 81% of banned players through year was the worst statistic from the time first game was created on a PC, and it was carrying a very bad reputation for the game - that's why they shut it down, it's not important for them to have healthy community, it's about money, noone gives a fuck about you players. 4. During time at my cousin, after midnight i noticed that delivery network switches through torrents network, which has very large impact on those who have their firewall up and running, because firewalls block the packages of data that goes through illegal torrent networks and game freezes, ping jumps to 12 000 and freezes again if client was unable to grab the same package from somwhere else you end up restarting your game which results in lost match - this is for those who do not have problems with their ISP. I believe it's because developers want to make more money by spending much less on quality of their service. This is also illegal, by the EULA and the state law - I mean online games are not allowed to use torrent network to deliver their content. I find it by tracing the package flow where few networks falls under torrent networks. Yeah, I could report this to the law office in their country and to inspection. But why bother, it's easier to uninstall. You can't use EULA and then break your own contract and expecting players to respect you, that contract is not valid then. Also I noticed noone under 13 is allowed to play because by the law they can't accept the contract. Yet not even one system is created to at least try to monitor that, why? Because 58% of LoL players are under 13yo. Again, the company enjoy illegal activity and bad service, I gues?! Ok. Whatever. 5. I played few matches, not even one went without glitches or players that tries to provoke you. Yeah muting works, but only during that one match. If you constantly get the same guys with the same mental instability, it's getting annoying and provokative. Again company is not even trying to invest in a good software to control bad behaviour, I mean 90% of Steam games accepted the Valves invention on how to punish and reward players, and system shows to be the best one yet in the games, yet Riot is somehow playing dumb and doing their own system which is catastrophic, specialy the part where game punish you for bad services upon which developers are responsible. 6. Forum moderators, as noticed are people without any computer science background, it's like they just copy paste what administrator who have some knowledge told them, in 99% when company screws up, players computer is guilty. That kind of service support died in 90's, where companies accused clients for companies lack of knowledge to fix the issues. Shame on your experts Riot. 7. And to every moderator that think he knows anything about computers and networks, no, I will not turn off my computers firewall or open a torrent port just some data from a game server can pass through. I have a lot of experience about such kind of software, and as bacc. in computer science this is also illegal activity where you are explaining to your players that they need to lower their level of protection to play Riots game. Irony, how not even one modern game on Steam asks you that. 8. For the end... while game have nice graphic, and some good players, it suffers from very bad service support, customer support, illegal activities to maximize the profit for the company. So I must say based on statistic, bad approach to behaviour control where the game is basically rage generator, I rank this game on a scale from 1 to 10 as 4. Nice graphic, good music, but overall, not worth the nerves, there is nothing enjoyable in a game that punish you for mistakes developers do, that deliver content through illegal channels, and have 81% of players banned through year. Hidding it will not make it go away, it is still 81%, and after 2 years its probably more then 86%. I noticed after 2013 company stopped publishing their full statistic. Shame on you Riot. 9. It is also illegal to not have an option for players to delete their account. I understand the customer support can do it if you place a ticket, but then again after i checked what infos are needed to be placed I also noticed there are infos that Riot do not have legal right to ask, and yet by the law created specific for the informations and internet they are forced to delete account, yet the company is doing everything to make it harder or impossible. And when company disrespect the law you know they have a problems to keep the clients and to attract a new one. This is not the way how you do your business. Bending the law is illegal. There is far more nicer games where developers actually deal with the problems, they do not hide it and they do not punish players for developers lack of knowledge or greed. This is my review of the LoL. Stay "cool". Will not install again your product.
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