Freezing frame in game between in about 6-11 min about 3 times in periodes of about 30 sec.

LoL freezing randomly while in-game (no bugsplat, just freezes)
I have this strange and increasingly annoying problem with League of Legends just freezing randomly while in-game. The strange thing is it happened on my previous computer as well! The game doesn't bugsplat, it just freezes (I can still hear sound).
Oh, it really sucks. In general I love the game concept, but but getting randomly every game a 30 sec stun while the game on server continues, that sucks. The GUI in video just freezes and you can do nothing. There is a short warning shot period of about few seconds to try get back to the turret or something. But after that the freeze is over longer period. I try to go base or something. But often I got just killed and fall behind. Some days I'm so pissed that I quite immediately. My team mates like it. With this handicap you cannot play ranking. You got bad grades by less farming, No upgrades. And I don't even bother to play ranking. As a former SW developer I say is smells like threads conflicts. And due it is time depended, it seems to be an error of workflow. After they could find bug after a year, they have to drop something of about 40 releases. A huge boomer in configuration and release management, not to stop development before bug fix with other topics. This is going on since a year now! This is a billion revenue company here. Maybe it is time for a staff change.

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