So my account got hacked..

So yesterday evening I got a warning that someone is trying to get into my gmail account using my password. I changed it immediately, but I remembered that I use the same password for league. I logged into my account, changed the password, but it was too late. He changed my summoner name(which I changed back), and my loot got completely destroyed. I had 5 or 6 legendary skin shards and 10-15 or more epic shards. Now I have 0 legendary and 2 or 3 epic shards along with some cheap skins. I have around a third, maybe a half of my champion shards now. They also used 2 of my 3 refunds. The good thing is that they didn't play any games. My question is: Can Riot Support revert my account to around 24 hours ago? I already sent a ticket but I'm asking ehere too just in case. I've put a lot of time and money into this account and I'm really sad to see it damaged like this. EDIT: Spelling

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