DropHack/DDOS attack during Ranked?

Not sure if this it's gonna be read, but oh well. First of all, english isn't my first language, so I apologise in advance. I think I suffered a DDOS/Drophack attack when I was playing a FlexQ ranked 20 minutes ago. I was playing Yorick, doing well in the top lane (first blood tower, not bad farm, enemy laner was behind..) I was going to proceed to mid tower and then, suddenly, I received the "Reconnecting" message, with a situation similar when the server crashes, with my 50-60 ping instead of the typical 500 ping. All champions freezed. Spend some time checking if Riot's servers fall, they weren't. Check my internet, it was working perfectly without packet loses and good ping. I had to close the task in the System Administrator and then Reconnect to continue playing. When I reconnected, like 5 minutes later, of course the enemy team obtained a lot of advantage, killing towers and stuff. I asked my team, it seems only happened to me. Then, enemy team killed Nashor, and 2-3 minutes after, the same situation. I had to do the same thing. Another one time, my team said I was the only one who had the "Disconnect" problem. Of course, at the end it was a defeat. {{sticker:sg-soraka}} Not gonna accuse the enemy team of cheaters, and more when I have no proofs. Still, I have to say that I suffered a lot of different problems with bad internet connections in the past and I recognise a connection problem when I saw it and when it's fault of my internet connection. In this situation, I almost 100% sure that it wasn't.
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