Not active account: "PW requests (SPANISH, 3x)" and few hours later - BAN - warning

**LATEST UPDATE:** **Perma-banned (2400):** without any further explanation - helpful comments and ideas appreciated **Dear All,** I would like to point out one strange thing that happened to me and maybe warn you or hoping you could explain the process to me. I am an inactive player of LoL currently, meaning I have not been playing for a year now at all. Like 0 games. And less than 24 hours ago I received password change requests from RIOT games - in **SPANISH** (I have no idea about Spanish, English, German ok - but that's it). It said clearly that if its not me, than just to ignore it. I use gmail with 2-step authentication so I was like: _"I don't think anything can happen here since no one has access to my mail"_ - so I ignored it. After few hours again a PW change request - Spanish. And few hours again - another one. I thought like "someone" is really desperate? And now - I woke up to a email that my account is **perma banned**. (I already opened a support ticket). Does anyone know what could have happened? Who and how could do this? Note: - as said: gmail with 2-step verification - no open sessions in mail - no last logins, authorized devices 2: PC and my Phone - and I have been home for the past 24 hours I doubt even that I have been hacked, or that anyone has played on the account (I have to verify that with support) but why banning? What could be the reason for RIOT to ban the account? **Thank you** **Ynoxx**
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