The new penalty system for afks?

I've had a couple of games now where I've had some sort of problem beyond my control and I've been dc'd for a short period of time and then been a bit screwed by it. A few hours ago I got randomly dc'd and couldn't log back in for about 5-10 minutes. I was checking the service status but I couldn't even get to the page but my net was fine. I eventually managed to reconnect. We won the game as we had quite a lead before I dc'd but instead I LOST Lp for "afk or leaving behaviours". What exactly is the timer on it? It was completely beyond my control and it made reconnecting and tryharding in the game feel a bit pointless. I know my teammates were trying whilst I was dc'd and they had to 4v5 in the meantime but it feels a bit frustrating getting to the end screen and seeing the -19lp because I got dropped for a short period of time. I stopped playing the game for about a year and I can't seem to find any info on it? anyone fancy helping me out? :)
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