Trading 10 Gem Stones and my Soul to see my boyfriend smile!

Hi, my name is Pianca. I'm playing league since season 4 , I think. I've never really been interested in collecting gem stones until the Hextech Kog'maw skin was released. But somehow I made it and got 10 gems together in my loot section. I truly desire the Kog'maw skin... But I know that my boyfriend wants the Dreadnova Darius Skin so badly. He just didn't find a single gem stone yet. Next week is his 23. birthday and I would like to add one nice little extra to his birthday present. Dear Riot, I offer you my 10 gemstones and my soul if you unlock the Dreadnova Darius Skin for him! He is a kind and helpful player. His honor level was 5 last season and he already is lvl 3 in this season. He started playing league last year for me and everyday he amazes me with new stuff he found out. He's a fast learner, and good teammate and probably the only person I ever met, who defends afk enemy players by pulling them under their own turret. Please grand me this wish, take my chance to unlock the Kog'maw skin and instead turn it into a Dreadnova Darius for my love. His ingame name is: SchandmaulTheo He plays on: Eu West Thank you for reading!
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