Got placed into lower priority queue even tho i DCed

Suddenly while ganking top,my screen froze,and i couldnt exit the client,couldnt go to the desktop,tried everything with alt,windows key but nothing changed.I got stuck basically mid-air,in Alpha(master yi Q) and my toplaner trying to help me kill Shen,screen froze,nothing moving on rift/screen,could just move cursor but that couldnt help.Checked my router and the lights were gone,so i restarted it.I restarted my PC too,but when i came back it was too late,my team just started surrender vote. After that i went to bot game.played few minutes,it was all good. I thought it will be all right now,because that never happened to me before,so i started another game.Played Lux against TF,got kill on lvl 2,recalled to buy,came back to lane,farming and suddenly again,screen fronze,again couldnt exit client or restart it,so i had to restart my PC.This time it wasnt too late,13/14 in kills.I apologized to my team,said it wasnt my fault,they didnt flame me or anything,we kept fighting and playing as a team,unfortunately we lost later. Now im placed into lower priority queue,even tho i didnt leave game intentionally/afk,and have to wait 5 minutes for 5 games.I know that is just 5 minutes and just for 5 games,but i couldnt do anything about it and dont want to lose any rewards or to get more penalties.Wont play more games other than bots until i see i can play normally. Could my leaver buster be removed because i didnt deserve it,i didnt afk or ragequit,had problem with my net and pc that i never had before?
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