"I love League of Legends but I hate playing it" [some rioter please read ty]

Hi! I've been playing League for more than a year now and even before playing it I was already into League by watching streams of some players I considered cool and fun and by watching a couple of memes and videos on youtube. I once watched this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxAabW7JfTQ I thinked to myself "It can't be that bad". But when I actually started playing League I found myself lost in the middle of toxic, racist and problematic people. It's a competitve game so people get frustrated and mad about things they did wrong but most of the times people don't look at themselves and can only see their teammates bad perfomance and complain about it, and that's "disgusting". I was quite a toxic player myself and I know what makes a someone toxic. I became toxic once because people ALWAYS pointed fingers at me ( And I don't main Jungler *jk* ) I've started this season Bronze 2 and this was the season I started doing rankeds games seriously. Climbed to Gold V and I wanna try reaching Plat but I'm kind of tired, I don't have that much time to play and I need to improve myself ALOT. Lately I've been playing NORMAL games and it's just stupid how toxic someone can be over a game that you are supposed to be having fun and improve instead of pointing fingers at everyone for their mistakes, bad calls etc. Another thing that bothers me are the ranked restrictions... Riot just gathered ALL the toxics players around DRAFT PICK! And that's why I hate playing Draft and I go Blind. Riot should consider perma banning, Ip restrict those kind of people. Once I found a GP that started trolling and lost us the game CAUSE HE DIDN'T WENT WELL ON IS LANING PHASE! Constantly blaming our Jungler and calling everyone trash and I told him "Stop or you gonna get banned". He just answered me "This is my fourth account, if this one gets banned I'll just buy one or level another to 30". See? Today I went normal games and tried Riven on the jungle with Devourer. I wanted to play my role before leaving home and play with a champ that I'm super bad with ({{champion:81}}). Called adc first, and after that someone said " Can you let us bot please? " I told them I would but since this was the last game before leaving home I wanted to play adc, so I locked in. The other two guys locked Nidalee and Teemo. Teemo was going supp. I've already played with so many players that picked unusual supports ( even on rankeds ) and It works quite well. But, Teemo was trolling. The other team invaded our jungle and Teemo was afk. They got me and Nidalee. I reached lane a little late cause I stayed and helped NIda clear his gromp. Teemo was still afk... Reached the lane, Blitz and Tristana were already lv2 and obviously I was getting zoned of my lane and I was forced to farm under tower. When Teemo came in, he started to steal my farm and when he saw he couldn't get that much he decided to try to harass a Blitz and a Tristana. For those of you reading, you know what I happens next right? Teemo goes in, gets grabbed, Tristana used her E on him, stacked the E and he was so low that even If I used heal he would still be dead. The flame started... Ignored... When he got back to lane, everytime Tristana used E on him, instead of going away, he went near me to make sure I got damaged too. Trolololololo ... I'm not here complaining about one single, I'm complaining about almost "all" the games I've been having lately. Might as well quit League and get a new game to play with friends if this goes on. EDIT: Chat restricted but no ranked ban. If some Rioter could explain me this, I would appreciate it, thx
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