Robots playing LoL

I recently received a leavebuster after a Co-op game, and now I have to wait 20 min before going in the queue. The reason I left midgame was that I have played a few Co-op games lately and in more or less every game there are robots playing. Several times I end up with two robots feeding and it makes it impossible to win and the whole time spent playing is just a waste. The last game was just like this and after some time the bots were so fed that it was impossible to play and more importantly it was no fun. I got upset and left, I only played to get my spirits up and the attempt failed miserably. I was more depressed after. Riot please do something about it for all the real people who just want to play and have a good time. For me it probably is to late, I don`t think i will play the game anymore. I don`t have time to wait the 20 minutes before a game. It is probably no use writing this anyway, riot don`t care and won`t be doing anything about this issue. My advice find another game to play
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