I want my old account back :( (not a ban related post)

Hello, In May of 2015 I requested that my account be deleted, an account that I had spent a lot of money and time on (the time spent on it was part of the reason I requested it to be deleted, I was getting a bit addicted). I have recently got back into playing league of legends and although I have levelled another account to 30 I would really like my old account back if possible :( I'm willing to pay if need be. If any Riot employee is reading this please tell me what I'd need to do if this is possible (I've replied on the old email chain to a riot employee called Jamdaze but I don't know if that will be picked up by your player support team or not. Please restore my old account :( I dont want to beg, but will if I need to {{item:3070}} {{item:2050}}
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