EUW server down

So EUW just went down, can't get in. Anybody know when it'll be back? @RiotGames ? EDIT: Servers seem to be back up, but there is a crazy queue time EDIT 2: Servers are NOT back up confirmed, we gotta keep waitin for Rito to fix this EDIT 3: Position queue is back but it appears to be stuck at 1, still no entry EDIT 4: The gates have opened! But no ranked queue as of yet.. EDIT 5: Aaaand the servers are down again... some people never even got online EDIT 6: OK! So I got into a normal game champion selection, let's see how it goes, try and get online everyone! EDIT 7: I actually got into a game! Here is the latest service status update _''We're aware of a problem causing games to fail to load, and are working on a fix.''_ EDIT 8: Servers are officially up and running!
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