HDD revving extremely loudly after patch 9.1

After updating my League to patch 9.1, friends and I have been experiencing crashes fairly often. The client is much more buggy than it even was before, e.g. i can't select chromas for winter wonderland neeko. When I start the League client up, my HDD will rev extremely loudly, and it's concerning for me. I've moved League to my D drive (SSHD) and I still get the revving issue. It is loudest after champ select, when going into the loading screen. After ~15-20 seconds, the revving stops, and my PC is normal again. My PC was very slow while updating to 9.1, and it doesn't have issues with other games. I can run my VR games without issue, yet League seems to be causing problems. Wanted to know if other people are getting similar issues as a result of 9.1 Note: In game, there are no performance issues. Just that client/loading screen seem to do something to my drives. Loading up task manager during the loading screen shows my disk peaking at 8 MB/s (20%). Not sure if this is ordinary for loading in.

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