Cant play

So for the past two weeks or so I have been having a problem where it takes me around 20 times of reopening my LoL client untill I can login, usually it says "Cant connect to". And today when I finally managed to login and went in a game, I crashed after champ select like I usually do, so I restarted league. It let me login and I clicked reconnect. But I didnt reconnect. I just kept crashing over and over and over. After 23 minutes of trying, I managed to get into my league since the game ended (My team actually won without me, Gj guys!) but Im scared to play now. I afk'd 3-4 times in the past 2 days because of this, and it happends in customs too. And fixes, or is it only me having this? All my friends dont have this problem, but Im hoping Im not the only one. I tried everything btw, flushing DNS, reinstalling, repairing, task manager, updating Adobe Air, restarting my net (My pc isnt connected using wifi), and nothing fixed this. Sometimes I manage to play, sometimes I dont. And today I managed to play one game, and while waiting for minions to spawn in mid lane I got attempting to reconnect, everything was frozen, and ping went up to 500. After reopenning I found out I died, which sucked.
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