Riot actually banned me for writing "wow" in chat

Game 1 Maxilox: momfg Maxilox: <K}>|K{SR$E Tp]; Maxilox: }K<T W$K<P{]m mop][\nzeuy5 Maxilox: |T"S?<WRENKMOL{FP: |{ Maxilox: ff Maxilox: jesus its %%%%ing 16 to 5 Maxilox: wow Maxilox: wowow Maxilox: wow Maxilox: ow Maxilox: wow Maxilox: w Maxilox: wo Maxilox: wowoow Maxilox: wow Maxilox: o Maxilox: wo Maxilox: wo Maxilox: wow Maxilox: yes report me because i write "wow" in chat Maxilox: you are really toxic ezreal Maxilox: i didnt remember that killing enemies is trolling Maxilox: XD Maxilox: talks 0/6 Maxilox: at least i can get a kill Maxilox: im not flaming

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