Lol running slow on high-end machines

My Rig Asus Prime Deluxe x299 motherboard GeForce GTX 1080Ti (driver version 388.71) Intel Core i9-7900x 16 GB RAM Windows 10 Pro Fall Creator's Update build 1709 I am experiecing low fps on league of legends.By low fps I mean somewhere between 50 to 140 fps ingame.In other game I don't have this issue (Warframe constant 100 fps with all settings on ultra 3440 x 1440 @ 100hz + i even stream sometimes and the performance is not affected at all, the cpu is at 20 % load / assasins creed origins all ultra same resolution like below - 100 constant fps (and of course i can even go higher than that) / destiny 2 same story, same fps).. And if i try to stream lol is's even worser.. What's wrong?..
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