My Friend got banned after I coached him

Hey Summoners, long story, short: A friend of mine was Silver 2, wanted to reach Gold befor Season7 ends. I am Dia , So we made a Lan-party and I watched him over his Shoulder (Not playing on his Account, nor playing Duoq(flex in this case)). So he obviusly played better when I was coaching him (not much, but at least he was able to win games through calls, roaming and calming rageing players down). Now (ca. 2 Months later) he got banned for MMR-boosting (14days). If it isn't because of my Coaching then he is banned unjustifiably for sure, well becuase he was the only one playing on his account... he had no reason for letting anyone playing on his account.(especially becuase he only played normals to not drop) I made some research, if he can write a ticket to the support and as far as I read, it doesn't seem that coaching is forbidden. He just reduced his Championpool to 3(only 1 champ added if he gets filled) Changed the Summoner spells. Writeing less in chat. (becuase i told him to focus on game) Roaming more. Making calls. (but everone could change this by himself/herself by just watching guides) He still follows as best as he can what I tought him and the roit member just gave a copy-paste answere. The only thing that lets me think why roit thinks he was being Boosted, is the fact that he was played on a different location (10 km) away on another computer. I told him he dont need to carry his, because my main computer is better and I can use my Laptop instead (since I didn't play much anyway) Would be tragic if he would loose his earned rewards... Greeting form EUW and sorry for my low english skills Nigtro
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