Went on Holiday, returned to see account has been perma-banned

Note: This is not a rage post demanding for my account to be unbanned. I have read the ToS. Just want to gain an understanding on how RIOT interoperates the law and how that impacts their ToS. Sorry for the wall of text but I'm hoping being thorough may attract the attention of a Riot Worker So i can have a civil chat with them. First some context: I'm a 26 year old graduate who enjoys playing league. Since I began playing LoL, I have managed to accumulate around 140 skins on the account that I own, I use LoL as a way of relaxing after a busy day of work in the finance sector. There is no doubt that when I began playing this game I was pretty toxic and flamed people for failing, however over the last few months my attitude has become MUCH improved. Anyway, back to the matter of hand. My uncle recently passed away and as we were close I decided to go on holiday with my girlfriend to get away from England. During my holiday, my 13 year old brother Whats Apps me and asks for my Amazon password so he can watch films and such. I see no problem with that so give him my password. My brother is a league player, a far better one than I am. He had been struggling with the death of his uncle and managed to get his account suspended for 14 days. Without my knowledge or consent whatsoever, he decides to log onto my account and play some games, trying the password I gave him for my Amazon Prime on my LoL account ( I know it was dumb of me to have the same password for 2 things). Please remember he is 13 and was struggling emotionally. He manages to get the account suspended for 14 days. On the 13th day of suspension, he gets into a fight at school and gets suspended from school for 2 days. The moment his account is unbanned, he gets it perma-banned. As he is addicted to league, he logged my account and within 10 games of having the suspension lifted, he manages to get my account perma-banned. Under normal circumstances, If your account has been compromised and you provide the necessary details, you can retrieve your account and they will just revert any changes to purchases etc from the time your account was compromised. I filled out a form in attempt to do this. It was clear the account had been compromised as before my holiday I had been living in Oxford, and my brother lives in Reading with my mum and dad so the IP or what ISP (I'm not great with computers) would have differed. The response I got back was " your account is permanently banned there is nothing you can do". I have spent a lot of money on the account, and even had 7,700+ RP on the account at the time of its perma-ban and do not understand RIOT's handling in this matter. If a stranger had gained access into my account, without my consent and raged, the account should still be unbanned as it wasn't me. My brother is willing to admit and talk to RIOT to say he was the one on the account without my permission, and as their office seems to say Dublin, Ireland., they should adhere to the rules of that country. I am innocent until proven guilty and my brother's actions, due to having obtained my information in a dishonest manner, should exonerate me from the punishment. Would it be possible to speak to a RIOT worker in regards to this matter and not have an automated instant response e-mail not even addressing the e-mail I sent to them. Thank you for reading. Kibibi EuNe Edit: Thank you very much for all of your comments and up-votes. After sending 4 e-mails through to Riot support, they have finally said they will get a Behavioural Specialist to e-mail me within the next few days. Some of you have misread or misinterpreted the initial post. If your account was hacked by someone and you didn't know who that person was, 100% of the time, provided you can prove it wasn't you on the account, you would get your account back. As it was my brother who hacked it using information that he obtained deceitfully, I fail to see why it should matter if it was my brother. I will update after I have spoken to their support staff properly. Again, thank you so much for all the kind messages. Funeral will be held next week so it may be a while until I post again.
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