Investigation of the lagspikes occurred on 16/10/2015

Hey guys, Thanks for reporting all these issues, I've been digging into our systems to try to find sympthons that would be causing you guys all these problems but I was unable to find any source for them. This doesn't mean that a problem doesn't exists but rather that we are not able to fully understand its extent without your extra help. I'm sorry you guys had to experience this issue and that we all have to default to log collecting but it is going to be the more efficient way to gather your data and pass it to the engineers so they can have a closer look. If you have experienced this issue today or are still experiencing the issues please perform a **traceroute** (Refer to [this document]( if you don't know how to perform a tracert, multiple languages available) and include your **ISP and Location**. One thing that is important is that **the tracert will provide better results if you perform them at the same time you are having problems**, as this will provide more accuracy on the results. The IPs you will be tracing are: * * (one is for EUNE and one is for EUW but we will need both regardless of where you play) Once completed please attach them to this thread. An example of a post once you have all the data would look like this: * ISP: <name> * Location: <place> * Tracert.txt attached * Tracert2.txt attached Once we start collecting this info we will process it and see what is going on. Personal opinion: Please keep in mind this is just my personal opinion and it's not backed by technical data of any kind, but from your description it sounds like it could be a congested path somewhere since you guys are saying that this tend to appear during evennings (peak internet usage time).
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