Having Cheat Engine OPENED in the background WILL get you BANNED.

I've been playing LoL since season 2. I've spent since then around 50-100€ on this account, and spent time on literally thousands and thousands of matches over the years. Rito, do you think banning somebody for having cheat engine OPENED IN THE BACKGROUND is fair play? I've not using Cheat Engine to modify ANYTHING in this ONLINE game for OBVIOUS reasons. I use Cheat engine to modify the data on another game precisely FTL (Faster Than Ligth). Eventually over 8 years there will be a time when i decide to play LoL AFTER an FTL game, with cheat engine still open. I TOTALLY REFUSE to say SORRY for using cheat engine to do my own business with the games that i want (League of Legends NOT being one of them). I am a grown adult with a very old account that he doesnt want to loose for some shitty anti-cheating politics that the company decided not to put a second thought. You are banning people for having it open, NOT for having it target your game nor trying to change any variable in the game (aka actually cheating). Any guy who spent a considerable ammount of money and time in the game seeing his account banned for having cheat engine open in the background will literally take this to greater actions. And im gonna think about doing so if no actions are taken from your part for the resolution of this ban. Greetings. A worried LoL player. I want to know your opinion about this, comunity. How would you feel for being banned in any game by using cheat engine on another game? Should this be taken to court?
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