The release of TFT was a disappointment...

Today was a big disappointment, You can think for a multi-milion dollar company like Riot games that delivering mayor changes, updates and new releases on time is the least you can expect. Think about how many employees riot games has and with that amount of man power delivering mayor changes or releases should not be a problem. BUT this is not the first time riot have been really irresponsible with giving out propper release dates OR actually following up and delivering what's promised. I have nothing to do at the moment other than sitting in front of my computer at home, playing this game and desperately waiting for Riot to fulfill their promises. Riot said that Teamfight tactics would be released on wednesday june 26 across all regions so how come that I'm now on tuesday june 27 and still no teamfight tactics, they only gave out the date with no time stamp so atleast deliver on that set day. I do not really know what to expect from riot in the future now that this and many errors in the past have been so disappointing BUT I do not only speak for myself when I say riot needs to be more responsible of delivering what's promised at time and not trying to fix the game they don't even play themself. SHAME ON YOU Riot! Best regards, me, Sofielundsskolans finest and a fellow man of the white skin
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