Hacked by a false tribunal case report

So I got a strange convo today from a friend (who was apparently hacked too) saying that they saw my name on a tribunal case and that I neeeded to log in to see it, so being the idiot I am, I logged in and gave them even my email password, so then they got into my email and tried to change the password, but I acted faster and changed it and closed all other sessions open, but by then he already had changed the password and email I think, so now whenever I try to change the password, I get no email. I already sent a support ticket, although they say it's a long queue. Also, this is my smurf account. My main one is DouaeMrabet. Btw, I have his IP address from when I was logging him out of my gmail. So guys don't fall for this kind of thing, and please help if you can.
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