Please tell me if my PC is overclocked

I bought my PC "overclocked as standard" which as far as I knew meant that it is open to be overclocked, but not by default. However my computer has been overheating and shutting down while I'm playing league and it's starting to get tedious. I've gone into the BIOs to find out if it is overclocking but I'm greeted with this: This menu is confusing as I don't know what "auto" means, when I select it to find different options, this comes up: If I change it to manual, the values available to change are on the lowest possible, as shown here: Please can someone tell me if my PC is overclocking? If it isn't, why else may it be overheating? It is all clean inside and I've put a third fan in today, but to no avail. :x Thanks for your time.
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