low fps in lategame with CPU and GPU at 30% max. Help.

_**Intro:**_ Hey there summoners and rioteers, My name is Y3sterday and I am playing League of Legends for the past 5 years now, and I occasionally experienced low fps due to an older system. Now, I got my new system which is able to run Battlefield 1 on medium/high settings at a solid 60-80 fps, but struggles in League of Legends. My MSI GL62M 7RDX laptop specs: - Intel core i7-7700HQ @2.80ghz (8CPUs) - 16 GB DDR4 RAM - Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 2GB _**The Problem:**_ The problem is as the title stated, I'm having low fps in the game while my cpu and gpu are only peaking at 30%. The moment it peaked at 30% was when we were at the 50 minute mark, huge baron buffed minionwave with super minions, 5 elder drake buffed teammates all equipped with the particle-rich elixirs, running into 2 nexus towers ready to fight 5 enemy teammates also equipped with 5 elixirs. This was probably the most "graphic intensive" moment you can ever capture in League of Legends. While my pc was quietly running at 30%, the usual soft cooling in the background on stationary rpm, the game on the other hand was unplayable. My frames dropped beneath 30 fps (probably further below that since the syncing interval of the standard league fps meter is quite slow). Now, this also happens midgame, where I'm running in the river as a twitch with 1,5 items with the crappy medieval skin. It's not like the fps is dropping very low, but the game has very small stutters. It's almost like micro-stuttering, but it's a little longer than that. Maybe 0,5 sec long moments where the fps drops from the capped 60 to somewhere in the 50's (the fps meter goes from 60 to 56 to 60 to 54 to 60 to 58 to 60). at that moment, I look at the cpu and gpu monitoring, and it's in the usual ~20%. Why is the game lagging while my pc is only going at 30% max? Heating problem is already excluded since battlefield 1 is constantly using 80-100% of cpu and gpu without even dipping a single frame per second. _**Things I tried already:**_ - Followed the low fps/stuttering troubleshooting from Riot (no improvement) - Unchecked movementspeed prediction and other buggy options like some are suggesting that would solve it (no result) - Checked the internet connection from traceroutes to jitter (internet is fine, but I wanted to be sure) - Updated every driver you could possibly think of (no result) - lowering settings, which seemed odd to me, but still lagging even at low settings (so, no result) - Configured Nvidia control panel, the game is running on my nvidia gpu with full power, so it's not running on my intel gpu - Installed Rivatuner Statistics Server (because the standard v-sync from nvidia/league only gave me screen tearing or input lag, even on my refresh rate) - Checked power settings, everything is on max since I'm always plugged in at home. - Checked if there were any background processes (scans/downloads/installs) at that time that could give lag, there were none. - Formatted my pc, a completely fresh install of windows 10 home edition. - Probably other things I forgot already.. I am confused and I would like to know how to solve this problem because I've lost several games due to unplayable fights. (oh, and the game never really ran 100% smooth like on a 60 fps stream, even though I'm playing at 60 fps on a 60 hz screen. The game always looks like it's running at 59,9999 fps without stuttering).

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