The biggest issue of league of legends ranked system

Forgive my english if it isnt quite good but I have to adress something important and it revolves specially around the ranked system. Why should people rage that much and not have fun? When you are against a superior team you just get stomped. Matchmaking doesnt put me with people that are new to the ranked experience. Instead of that they put me against pepople with hundreds of games played and i have to be trashed. Then, someone from your team starts raging and you have to mute him and report him after. Listen, i dont like to report anyone, when I enter a game my goal isnt that and i feel bad when i am forced to do it. The worst part is that people take rankeds too seriously, like they are some kind of profesional players that rely on wining rankeds for getting paid so they can keep their living or such. Regular people who play ranked aren´t profesionals but they get mad if they are loosing. Lots of times they are performing as bad as you or worse but they desperate and end raging. I know we all want to win but at the cost of what? Turning yourself into a horrible being during the game, Is that funy?? The answer, at least for me, is no. Those are not the kind of emotions asociated to having a good time unless you are some kind of psyco or something similar. Why we have to give up on being good persons when we play this game? Honestly if all those toxic players thought that the person they are going to harass and insult is a human being just as their sisters, brothers, elders, friends and such that struggles with a common life and just turned on his or her pc to have some fun like they wanted to, and that this is just another stupid match from the hundreds or thousands that you will play, they may stop raging and have more fun. Like I said before the matchmaking makes this harder so you will not necessarily be facing people with your same experience and grow in a healthy way that makes you have fun because the games are closer and you are not simply getting stomped by the enemie team. I dont like being in non of those sides because if you use something that people out of league call empathy you cant feel good for the people who got stomped by you. My sugestions are making a matchmaking system that matches you with people around your level so climbing the ladder doesnt turn into a bad experience. I dont want to acuse Riot Games for this but if I develop a game and it´s a GAME, the primary goal is to have fun and sincerely the ranked system is not giving me any of that so I will end up playing with friends on normals with a teamspeak or skype call rather than choosing to play ranked. That last one is a far more enjoyable experience because I can have fun even loosing. I really want to get good at this game and the ranked system can provide me that, but as it is now it isnt worth the effort to play ranked. In normals people can really have fun because loosing isnt an issue, you can experiment a lot and is more rare that someone punishes you for that. Normals with friends are the real league fun, ranked is just a place to avoid if you want a satisfying experience of league. Anyway, this is my opinion. This is a forum, we enjoy the freedom of speech and we can get a richer experience from the knowledge we can get from the free exchange and modification of our thoughts, so if it is posible I will be very glad to hear your ideas and/or advices about this hot subject.
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