So how does the jungle really work?

The only board that is available for me is Technical support so that's why. Hey there! I'm ObjektiveX and I've been playing League for a very long time now... I've been stuck in gold/plat though. I know that there are several things that I must consider in certain situations, but I just don't know which... Here are a few questions of mine and I was hoping that you guys could answer them. **- Whenever I jungle and I'm clearing camps, I know that I must do something, like ganking, just clear camps, back, put vision etc etc. But I never know what to do in an exact situation, high skilled players have like these "thumb rules". Something like: oh whenever he is pushing and that lane is freezing I should do this and that. But how do I find out what to do in a certain situation? - Sometimes when I play against a jungle smurf I have the feeling he's literally everywhere. Whenever I push even once, they are always there to punish me. How do they do that? ** I know this has all something to do with jungle knowledge, but how do I gain this knowledge? I think that's the general question of mine... I really want to get better at this and finally fix my mistakes to climb the ladder. It would be really appreciated if someone could atleast explain a tiny bit of this for me. ~ OBX
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