Riot, What do LEC/LCS Passes actually give us?

I mean seriously, WHAT will we be able to get? This is what you present to us on the Pass page: > Get more weekly missions and exclusive team-themed rewards with Team Pass. 50% of sales will support your favorite team and regional league. Players can have one LCS and one LEC team pass, raising their flag for one team in each league. Choose wisely! The store itself has no info either. So now it seems the most informative site is surrender at 20 with this: > [Team Pass will be available in the store for 980 RP and you’ll be able to earn team icons, a team emote, a team ward skin, and an LCS or LEC chroma for Dragonslayer Braum as well as Blue Essence, key fragments, and 2 Masterwork chests.] Can't you give us a list of what we can obtain by getting the pass to see whether it is woth it? Like show us the icon, ward skin, emote, how much BE are we talking about? Because for now we are reliant on third party infromation which is not good, also we should be able to know what we are purchasing, don't you think? EDIT: how about the chroma if we don't own the skin? Do we get the skin for free or not? So many questions...
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