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So after playing this game for quite a while, around 2014/2016 is when I started, I saw this announcements that riot made for their new games and legends of runeterra really catch my attention. Why am I saying this , so I went to check if I could play lor already but I didnt realise that the email that is associated to my league acount (and consequently my riot games account) is an email wich I lost with the Microsoft Security system because I didnt have my new pC as a "thrusted device" so I cant enter my email so I sent a ticket trying to change that email to a recent and acessable email and I come across an inquiry with a lot of account related questions and thats alright , but beeing a human beeing and the 17 year old kid I am I DONT REMEMBER MY WHOLE ACCOUNT HISTORY I answered most of the questions but not all of them, but certainly enough questions to verify myself as the owner of this account, But to my surprise I receive this as a response : "Tino (Riot Games Player Support) Oct 20, 7:09 AM PDT Hi Thank you for the information, and for your patience. I don’t currently have enough information to formally verify you as the original creator of the account." And "he" asked me a few more question wich either had no answer possible or I didnt know FROM THE TOP OF MY MIND ANY OF MY PAYSAFECARD PINCODES. I really just wanted to see if I could test this new games but whatever. Thank you for your attention.

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