My Client keeps Disconnecting randomly

Hey, my Client seems to have some connection issues with the riot servers or something because since like 11 to 12 days im not able to get constantly in games i have to wait like 40 minutes and even then its pure luck because my client disconnects randomly in the lobby while queue (which gets me to dodge games because i get no "match found" pop up) and while the champselect (same thing as in queue, cant ban, cant pick, bla bla bla) i already wrote with some support members and i dont want to offend them, everything they tried was just not helpful i still havent solved the problem yet and im pretty frustrated i hope that a technican or someone can help me here (like someone who is a bit more expierenced and again i dont want to offend the supporters i just search for some answers and a person which helps me solving the problem that makes it nearly impossible to have fun playing league after waiting nearly 1h for a game to start. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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