Riots ranked system working as intended? I think not

First of all, this is not a "QQ-Thread", I do NOT deserve Challenjour and my Team isn't always shit, there are times when I enjoy playing with the randoms I get but for the past 20+ games I've noticed 1 thing in Gold ELO: The team-mates you get once you hit promos are absolutely potato. Platinum Warwick that gets his jungle item at 25minutes. Flaming ADCs that blame their supports, while they're the ones walking right into the enemies without doing ANYTHING! I know during normal ranked games you have people like this too, but I've been doing Gold IV > Gold III Promos on 3! different accounts all with different MMR, and everytime I get in a promo series I get abysmal team-mates, who do their best to simply lose. Just now - on this account - I finished another promo series (0 - 2), I won my lane, I had good CS, I dealt the most damage, but there is always some potato who, I wouldn't even place in Bronze I by how they play, simply loses you the game. The best part? Once you get out of Gold / Platinum V, games are a lot easier to win, because people actually PLAY THE GAME! I know everyone has an off-game every now and then (heck I had one today, won my lane and threw it the moment I did, but atleast I let my team carry me while continuing to farm without crying about it), but this is just getting ridiculous. This season is the worst for SoloQ, the game has become so much team oriented, that you cannot call this SoloQueue anymore, simply because games are decided by who has the WORST player, and not who has the BEST player(s) anymore, it only takes 1 to lose you a game. And this is something I've been seeing amongst different ELOs (Silver / Gold / Plat / Diamond), I don't know how it's in Master or Challenger (I haven't been there myself, since I'm not good enough, Diamond 2 is the furthest I got), but it's insanely frustrating and depressing to know your efforts don't matter much if you have an ADC or whatever other role that decides to just screw your promo game(s). The best part about this all: YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO SAY ANYTHING! Dare you comment on their behaviour or gameplay? You are deemed toxic, will be reported, and Riot will make sure to give you a chat- or even a ranked-restriction. I'm not one to flame, but holy hell the values of this game's community is utterly garbage. Figured I'd watch Gosu stream to calm down? He's being flamed and is flaming himself on some account he's leveling - why? Because of multiple games in a row (just like me)_ where you just get 1 "team-member" who straight up loses you the game. You went 5 - 0 in lane? Doesn't matter. You got 100 CS more? Doesn't matter. Riot has turned this into a proper team-game, which is incredible for the pro's, but for the rest of us it's just a huge Fuck You, especially with the amazing Tribunal system that's been working.. oh wait.. I'm not here to pet my ego, I'm not here for people to tell me: Damn dude, try again you'll get there - I've been there, I am there, but I just like to have different accounts (and I know someone of you won't see the point in this). This is just my venting my frustration in text, and I know there are others like me. Reds will ignore this as usual (for the fact alone that we're on EU - so Fuck Us, right Riot?), but if I can connect to 1 other person on this forsaken Reddit-wanna-be-board then that's fine. But really, what's the point of having both the ranked system aswell as the tribunal, when they both don't work at certain ELOs. You can't carry yourself in SoloQ it seems now a days - unless the opponent is extremely bad and basically counts as a minion. You will be reported for questioning your team-mates. You will be reported for asking them to play safe. You will be reported if you lose lane. You will be reported for playing the game and doing anything a person doesn't like you to do, even being in the game will get you reported. inb4: But the system doesn't register those reports - maybe it doesn't now, but in the past it sure as hell did, I'm not sure if it does now, but Riot has stated that they wanted a better system to report/punish people that "troll" games, until they have a working system, what's the fucking point?
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