I was hacked and then banned for cheating.

On 27/06/2019 I logged into my account and saw weird activity on my account. Also on the 27/06/2019 there were a lot of League issues happening so at first, I thought my League client was bugged. Once i logged in the game constantly asked me to reconnect, I clicked on reconnect it came up with an error and didn't connect to a game. Also at this point, my friend's list was gone. So I thought that this was an issue with Riot as they've stated there's a lot of issues in League currently. So I switched to my smurf account Level 16 or so and played 1 game. After that game I noticed that my friend's list was there and ranked was able to be played, however, the account being level 16 was the issue and not the game, if that makes sense. I instantly re-installed league and after the re-install, I actually saw more than just a reconnect button (obviously the hacker had finished his game). There was also a friend request from a level 7 account that I later followed up on. I then was logged out due to being logged into another location, at this point I knew my account was hacked. So I instantly changed my League password and looked at my match history to confirm that I was indeed hacked. After I secured my account I created a support ticket to which I'm still waiting to hear back from, the hacker didn't try log back into my account and couldn't completely steal my account, because my passwords for games/email accounts are completely different (so if one was compromised they can't get the other). After I secured my account and made a ticket I didn't think too much about it, you wouldn't right? Its a waiting process for Riot to contact you and then try to recover the changes they've made in my account (Tokens, in collection spending points/combining my skins, feels bad man). So I think re-added some of my friends later that night and we played League. The following day I got an email from Riot saying I was banned for cheating, I honestly didn't even consider the fact that the person who stole my account would also cheat.. I've made a support ticket and hopefully, they will come back to me, but now I'm concerned about the overall damage to my account.. This account has been created in 2012 or earlier, I honestly can't remember. It's an eye opener to what people can do. For anybody who think's it might've been me who cheated, I'm pretty certain that Riot can see a change in IP addresses (hopefully). I've invested time/money into this account and I hope that the support from Riot can prove that I'm innocent.
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