UK -> EUW Ping Issues

My ping is usually 28/29 on EUW, which is higher than it should be in reality but I don't complain. At worst I get 37/38 when everybody is streaming 4K. Today I'm receiving 67/68 ping and it makes my game unplayable. Started last night and hasn't changed since. Seems as if all my UK friends have the exact same issue. TL;DR Riot please fix your UK -> EUW connection EDIT: Not an ISP issue. Not a personal issue. Riot please get your act together? I'm with Sky, friends are with BT, Talk Talk and Virgin, one with EE, every single person has ping that makes the game unenjoyable or unplayable. One user had his post deleted when he suggested Riot are harming the servers for NA streamers coming over, but I doubt this is the case as it would harm much of the EUW server and people from other countries don't seem to have the issue. If this is the case, Riot will obviously have to make a very public and very embarrassing statement, I hope this is not the case! EDIT2: Nothing has been done and even though this thread is top of the forums, apparently nobody from Riot has seen it in 7 hours??? I find this hard to believe. Every possibly ISP is affected from my knowledge and everybody's setups at home are obviously very different, which further proves this is a Riot issue, even if its not with their server it obviously is with our connection to them. EDIT3: 9 hours in, no response.
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