Can't connect to the server

Hi, I started playing League Of Legends again recently and have been experiencing a problem for quite a few games now. I start a game, select a champion, then when the game should start i get the message can't connect to the server. The problem is some days i can play just fine, then for 2-3 games i get this problem. I tried turning off my firewall, switching from Wi-Fi to Ethernet but that doesn't seems to help. Now i'm getting a lot of report (which i understand, since i'm not in game) when i'm not actually leaving the game (i usually get to the end windows after 4 minutes of unsuccessful tries to reconnect), i'm now in the low priority queue which is a pain in the ass. Did someone experienced the same problem and found a solution ? Or can RIOT look into my problem, because i would like to play without flipping a coin every time i turn League Of Legends on, to know if i can actually play, or if i'm getting a full team report. Hoping someone have the solution.

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