Placements and why you've dropped

So you've drop a couple a divisions. Why? Well your supposed to drop it's Riots way of resetting the game so your in a division you may or may not belong in, however you have great MMR, therefore it is very easy for you to climb getting +26LP or more per win. The whole point of placements is just to give you a starting point to climb from it isn't a chance to be promoted up divisions. Also anyone who was in divsion 5 of plat, gold, silver etc you will have a huge drop that may seem unfair, however odds are you only just made it there, so you will drop further due to your hidden MMR. TL;DR Your supposed to de-rank so enjoy the climb and get those rewards :D {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Edit - This is my opinion I'm not sure of Riots official formula so take this with a pinch of that Sodium Chloride you've all got stored up from placements ;)

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