S9 Ranked is totally unplayable (especially in low elo)

Hi every1, i was a high plat player for many years, last season (S8) i took a 4 month break from the game and felt back to gold1 (from plat2, my mmr was between d4-plat2) because i was not playing the game. I decided to reach at least plat again in S9 but i think it is not possibly right now. The current ranked matchmaking is just not there. i managed to lost 16 games out of my 20 ranked games because at least 1 of my teammates were always feeding (inting, trolling) or just left the game. I managed to reach plat promos finally and i was shocked when i checked our team after the match. The enemy team was full of plat and gold 1 players, while my teammates were unranked (lvl30) silver or maximum gold 2. I think the ranked system shouldn't work like this because. First of all now all low elo (plat or below) are matched with players from plat to unranked no matter your rank is. I just cant play a game where some1 in my team is not inting feeding or leave the game. Ranked games are totally became a coin flip game. Will you get the afk/inter or the enemy. This just totally ruined the game intself. How should a silver 2 adc lane against a Plat 4 adc? The silver ints the lane (as usual) and the adc just wins the game for the enemy team. In past seasons (i'm playing since mid S1) started to play ranked at around S3 (yes back then you needed at least 300 games to reach lvl 30 not 30 like now and there weren't any botgames to lvl yourself). This season i managed to lose 8 games in a row after that i got a win streak (7-8 games, all the games the enemy got the inter) and now from my last 14-15 ranked games i won only 1, in the rest i had the inter/inters in my team). And in higher elo maybe it is possible to carry but in this elo feeding means like they die 10-12 times in 20 minutes and spamming ff since min15 leave the lane troll the jg or other lane. I felt down from 2-3 in plat promos (in 5 matches 5 inters 2 in enemy team 3 in my team) to gold2 58 lp (consider that i win 20-25 LP for a game and lose 15-17). I am pretty sure that the current matchmaking is not working as it used to work in prev seasons. Do i really deserve to get this elo i'm not sure, maybe. But the state that they do no get any punishment for inting all game is tragic. If you are toxic in 3 games you get your chat ban, if you int 10 games in a row you get nothing. And this is only the system, i don't want to talk about the bugs in the game, in the last 2-3 days i saw at least 20 bug (skill bugs which destroys your game). Here is my OP.GG you can check it i save your time if you want: [](http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=neszo) These are my personal opinion maybe i am wrong and i'm playing bad, IDK but in previous season nothing happened to me like this season. My biggest lose streaks are: 8 games, 9 games, and the current which i have now 1 game won out of last 12. My biggest win streak: 8 win (after i lost 8 matches in a row), after this win-streak i win like every 10th-15th game. I know OP.GG is not 100% true because you can get bad score if you play against fed enemy and doesn't show how the game is played by the players, We can't see how many times they ping SS follow the roam (0 time) watch the map (maybe 5% of the ppl) etc. Don't see how many times they use their ultimate go for objective and so on. Last of all, I don't play that much of league, and it is kinda hard to get better in game when you constantly get feeders and leavers in your team. Since i got older and how other things to do i really don't play that much, but as the game goes on like this i'm thinking about leave it for eternity (i came back when i heard there will be position ranks and wanted to try it out). Last personal opinion: I hate this change they made this season to get a huge amount of LP for every game in placement and don't lose any LP. I think it totally destroyed the system i have seen many silver players who were silver last season and in prev seasons aswell, playing in plat-diamond already because they were lucky in placements. Thanks for reading my long post, sorry for taking your time if you think you wasted it. EDIT: My problem is not that i am in gold, if i stay here for the whole season i don't mind, i just want to play games where we have two equal (or almost equal team) and no1 is inting feeding griefing and/or trolling. This is what i ask for to play games where both the teams are not feeding and the better team wins (in a normal way and not in a way if some1 ints).
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