The solution against account-hijackers and fake Riot websites.

I just made this account. I don't really need it back for my sakes, but I hope to aid you by supplying you with the site it's from. And for the love of god: Please change the system so you send the original owner of the account an email to THEIR email address if someone changed their email/password. Either to confirm the change or just let them know so they can send the ticket asap. For people who don't have access to their email and changed it for that reason, THEY need to go through this rather complicated process of this bot and questions, as you're basically trying to prove they are a scammer and not the original owner. Emails being lost are way rarer than accounts being breached with only the password and no other notice. These fake sites have been popping up a lot for me, so I decided to do something about it. Again, not for me, but for my friends. I see them getting 'converted'/'seized' by scammers. Old friends I know in real life (including me in this case) trying to convince me to send them my account login information on a real-like Riot site. Again, I have experience trying to provide feedback about these kinds of things on all sorts of websites, and they even get positive response. But in the end nothing changes. I hope you do though.
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