To RIOT: End of season honor reward.

I'm writing this letter to RIOT mostly, but i want you, players, to upvote if you agree. I'll try to talk short, but... RIOT, you announced rewards for this season. And there is rewards for honorable players as well. That's great! And i love that you thinking about sportsmanlike behavior so much. Cause i'm happy when community is friendly. For me it's important part of the game. And when you started new honor system i was ready to climb up. And i got to top very quickly. As i know, there is no decay of fade option for honor and so if player get level 5 and not toxic or something he'll be there at the end of the season. So it looks like i get a little gift from you, RIOT. > Reaching Honor level 3 or higher at the end of the season grants you a unique ward skin based on your level And now what i'm asking you for: PLEASE! Give that sub-level rewards to high-level honor players. That means i'm asking for purple ward though i'm level 5 honor. It's some time left until end of season hits, so you can make that adjustment. Players, please, comment and upvote if you agree. Thanks to both RIOT and community.
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